To become Crew Management company offering a most excellent services and best practices to its principals in the field of maritime industry with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • To place dedicated and qualified Indonesian Crew for all types of ships
  • To become a reliable and long-term partnership for our Principal, focusing to support safe ship operational with a combination of crew quality performance and cost efficiency
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Crew’s appraisal for Continuous Improvement
  • We shall review crew’s performances and attitudes of each off-signer based on appraisal we got from master, to be used by the Company for the purpose of upgrading, training and rank promotion, in case required.
  • Crew’s appraisal on his previous employment shall be monitored for upgrading and training purposes.
Training Plan
  • As a form of commitment for continuous improvement, we manage training plan for crew based on crew’s appraisal, particularly on the subject/knowledge that is considered to be lacking and need to be improved. This is one of our methods to make sure that the crew will perform better on his next contract/employment.
  • The training shall be conducted either in-house or at the third party’s location.
Crew Retention
  • Crew Tracking
    PT ICM shall maintain intensive contact with crew who are on-leave as well as crew who are scheduled to be re-employed by the Principal for the next contract to ensure that the on-leave crew will return to work at the appointed time and for the crew to be re-employed for the next contract will join ship on time.
  • We do analysis for the future career, promotion as well as training retention rate will be maintained as high as possible, like more than 75%.
  • Weekly report of on-shore crew status
    PT ICM will provide weekly report of on-shore crew status to the Principal for the purpose of employment and re-employment plan. This report shall be maintained and updated in the special form that can be easily checked by Principal.
Day to Day Communication
  • Our customer relations department will act as a front liner that is responsible for day to day communication with Principals, including crew requirements handling and its fulfillment as well as complain handling received from the Principal.
Home Allotment Arrangement
  • In case the Principal appointed PT ICM to handle wage distribution to the crew’s beneficiaries (home allotment), PT ICM will provide monthly wage list of home allotment and send the invoice not later than the 25th day of each month.
In-house Training Program
  • We are doing familiarization and training for crews as a form of our commitment for continuous improvement in order to ensure an adequate supply of qualified personnel to man our Principals’ fleets and to guarantee the safe ship operations.
  • We provide familiarization on Safety and Seamanship as well as training for Maritime English. For the familiarization and training, we provide software and video viewing which is primarily designed to enhance the competency of our crews sent onboard.